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Episode #11 | What’s going on in the Baltics?

Episode #10 | Max Rattner, Angee — From Kickstarter to Indiegogo

Episode #9 | Yandex vs. Google: What’s Going On?

Episode #8 | Mait Müntel, Lingvist – Freshly funded by Rakuten

Episode #7 | Oleksandr Shymanko, PiPillow – The winner of the Audience Award at FW Lab 2015

Episode #6 | The Rocky Road To Dublin

Episode #5 | Geographic attribution of CEE startups

Episode #4 | Kaili Kleemeier, Deekit – Freshly graduated from TechStars London

Episode #3 | Peter Kovacs, Central European Startup Awards

Episode #2 | Anna Spysz, ex-Bitspiration News

Episode #1 | Luka Sučić, hub:raum Krakow