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Last week, ProCEEd > Newsletter turned one year old—a great time to look back and see what’s been done and how the newsletter has evolved. In addition to some reflection I went through that day, I also came up with a way to make the newsletter even more useful for entrepreneurs and tech ecosystem players in CEE.

Over the first year of its existence, ProCEEd > Newsletter featured more than 1,500 news and feature stories’ headlines, and that makes a great data to analyse. I crunched the numbers and was able to paint a quite telling picture of how CEE tech stories are reported on by the mainstream tech media.

I presented the results of the analysis on iForum, a tech conference held in Kyiv last week. If you’re part of the tech startup ecosystem in CEE, I definitely recommend you to check out the slides:

Since the conference was held in Ukraine, the talk was focused on the country’s tech scene, but I reckon there’s something interesting for people from all over the region.

I’m also going to present data on the other markets—stay tuned!

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