ProCEEd #39 > Ukrainian Petcube raises $2.6M, CustomInk acquires Represent for $100M, Bitcoin founder could be in Poland


The winter is coming to an end, and many of us across Europe have been enjoying more or less warm weather over the past few days. If you’ve spent a while outdoors, it’s about time to catch up with CEE tech news now.

After almost a year since I sent out the pilot of the ProCEEd > Newsletter, it still fascinates me how big the difference could be between the issues. The recent ones had a significant number of stories related to the law and policy, while today there’s no stories on this topic at all. See for yourself: the past week brought a lot of startup news, and also a surprising number of good long reads—make sure you find time to read those!

Enjoy the reading, the weather, and life in general. Have a good week!

Ukrainian startup Petcube has secured $2.6 million in funding and entered Y Combinator’s Winter 2016 batch


New trail on identity of the Bitcoin founder leads to the University of Wroclaw in Poland



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