ProCEEd #0 (April 13—19, 2015)


The past seven days have brought a few interesting announcements from CEE startups, big and small. Particularly it seems that the topic of affordable 3D printing is becoming a hot one, as two teams from Poland and Ukraine at the same time are trying to solve this problem. In addition to that, check out several funding deals as well as news from bigger companies and government-related stories.

Spring is traditionally a busy time with events coming one after another another and often overlapping. This newsletter is sent to you from sunny Sofia, where tomorrow the first edition of CEEDS’15 conference kicks off (hence the photo on top of the page). Right after it ends, another great event, TNW Conference Europe, starts in Amsterdam. If you’re going to attend any of these two conferences, ping me and come to say hi!

Enjoy your weekly dose of CEE tech news!


Polish-made affordable 3D printer ZMorph has entered the US market. It’s priced at under €3,000 and supposed to bring a user-friendly interface that many of other hardware and software pieces still lack.


With the European Commission’s antitrust complaint against Google, Russia’s home advantage in Internet search is evident. Shares of Yandex, Russia’s largest Internet search provider,  were up nearly 13% in the last half hour of U.S. trading.

Startup news

  • Estonia’s ResultsOnAir, which wants to solve the problem of inefficiency of TV advertising, has been selected to 500 startups next batch.
  • Ukrainian startup Petcube has released an Apple Watch app, through which users can play with their (or someone else’s) pets.
  • Russian startup Oriense is developing a 3D camera that helps blind and visually impaired people navigate around obstacles.
  • Estonian peer-to-peer lending startup Investly is eyeing the UK to close the funding gap for small and medium businesses.
  • Polish-made affordable 3D printer ZMorph priced at under €3,000 has entered the US market.
  • Ukraine-based 3D marketplace has announced its own under $1,000 3D printer, which will only be working with the platform itself.
  • Ukrainian startup Luciding has developed a headband device to guarantee customers lucid dreams every night.
  • Russian-born microlearning startup Coursmos has announced that it has gathered over 30,000 micro-courses on its platform.
  • Ukrainian startup RollApp has launched RollMyFile, a service that allows users to open online nearly any file one may have on their computer.
  • Slovakia-based geo-social photo sharing startup Droppie has announced 20,000 app downloads in the first few weeks after launching in beta.
  • Estonian team messaging app Fleep built and backed by a number of ex-Skype engineers has introduced a so-called “Fleep ID,” an email-compatible universal ID to help wean you off email.

VC news

Bigger companies


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