ProCEEd #29 > Lingvist raises $8M, AVG acquires Flayvr, Yandex asks EC to investigate Google


Another week, another ProCEEd > Newsletter that brings you up to speed with the most recent developments at the CEE tech scene.

Last week saw a few significant funding rounds, news stories from different gaming companies, as well as a new turn in the story of the fight between Yandex and Google. In case you missed it, earlier this year Yandex filed a complaint to Russia’s antitrust authority, accusing Google in anticompetitive practices in regards to Android.

The authority (predictably) sided with Yandex and ordered Google to correct its contracts with phone vendors. This success led to Yandex filing a similar request to the European Commission, which is actually already busy investigating Google on similar accusations. Although the EC might not prove as cooperative as Russia’s FAS, this can still lead to legal consequences and, possibly, fines.

Moving forward, don’t forget check out today’s podcast. This time I’ve talked to Mait Müntel, founder of the Estonia-based startup Lingvist, which attracted $8 million in funding from Rakuten and others last week. We’ve discussed the connection between CERN and language learning, the startup’s plans and the relevance of the Japanese giant as an investor:

Now, without further ado, here’s your weekly dose of news. Enjoy the reading and listening, and have a good week!

Yandex has asked the EC to investigate Google’s practices in relation to Android in the EU


Czech security company AVG has acquired Israeli photo app startup Flayvr for “several million dollars”


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  • Russia has demanded from Twitter to store user data within the country
  • Google gets another month to comply with Russian anti-monopoly ruling
  • Russia’s Yandex has asked the European Commission to investigate Google’s practices in relation to its Android mobile operating system in the European Union

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